We are always open minded and happy to connect with people. You can view our services, register with us, check out NDIS support and login if you are already a member.


We are always open minded and happy to connect with people. You can view our services, register with us, check out NDIS support and login if you are already a member.

Service We Provide


We offer different services depending to our clients liking.The service we offer vary from support at home,NDIS support to Community Access.

Welcome to Josh Care

NDIS Registered Disability Service Providers in Melbourne

Understanding how NDIS funding works can be quite difficult for some of the participants. At Josh Care, we assess you to know what kind of assistance you seek. Our team will then explain everything about the NDIS and the funding you can receive. Moreover, we help you get a better idea of all the services available to live a fulfilling life.

NDIS Service Provider

We know that our NDIS clients with significant permanent disabilities need a certain level of support to lead happy life. Disability support services by NDIS facilitate a smooth transition in the everyday lives of people, their families, and carers. When someone is eligible for NDIS funding, an individual plan will be rolled out as per their requirements and the amount they have received as a fund. When a participant associates with us, they will have control over the support services according to their requirements.

As registered NDIS service providers, we help them achieve their goals. It can be anything like building friendships, actively participating in the community, finding a new employment opportunity, or keeping the existing one. Our clients will have complete flexibility to choose when and where they want the aid to be provided.

We Offer a Range of Services for Adults with Disability

We provide only the best quality services to our participants to empower them and give them the necessary control over their lives. Our wide range of disability support services for adults includes the following:

Flexible Disability Therapy Session

Though it can be hard to manage a few things for a person with a disability, it should not define them. Through these therapy sessions, we focus on building skills that will help them handle everyday life with ease. This includes essential things such as cooking, cleaning, taking a shower, dressing up, and many more.

Assessment of Behaviour and Support

Our experts can assist you if your loved one is dealing with any intellectual disabilities and have willing to change it for the better. We have a team of certified support staff who will assess the behavioural pattern and help with everything that challenges them. With this support, the person will be able to understand the situations better and find new ways to cope with complex behaviours.

Driving Assessment and Therapy

Driving gives a sense of independence in many situations. Our team will guide individuals on how to get a driving licence by passing the test. All things like on-road driving skills and clinical off-road assessment will be done by an occupational therapist to test vision, driving, and thinking.

Participants can also use their NDIS funding to choose from a wide range of support services including:

  1. Routine Housework

    If our clients live independently, they will want their house to be clean, comfortable, and organised.  Our housework services are very beneficial as they can be customised to include whatever the person’s need is. It can be making the bed, changing the sheets, emptying the trash can, or anything that they seek help with.

  1. Transportation

    If someone has substantial difficulty in using public transport, they can opt for private or community transport assistance to get to one place from another in a bus, train, or specialised vehicle.

  1. Workplace Assistance

    With this service, participants get regular ongoing support that they need to comfortably perform their job at the workplace.

  1. Mobility Equipment

    Mobility equipment lets people with disabilities do things with much more ease than usual. Our assistive technology assessor will help them determine the right solution to cater to their mobility needs.

  1. Home Modification

    Personalised home modification services will enhance one’s quality of life and enable one to live comfortably and independently in their home.

  1. Vehicle Modification

    Modifying the vehicle will make it easy for our clients to access it with or without a wheelchair and drive it without special control.

Why Choose Josh Care?

Choosing the renowned NDIS registered provider will ensure that you as an NDIS participant receive the best possible care and support. Here is why you should choose Josh Care for all NDIS-related services in and around Melbourne and Lynbrook.

  • Registered Service Providers

    We are a registered NDIS provider and many of our support services are funded by NDIS.  All the clients get a customised plan and we also assist them in choosing the services that they need with their funding.

  • Verified and Professional Team of Caregivers

    Our team of professionals is compassionate while working with our clients. Their hiring process includes stringent background verifications to ensure that person is in safe hands. We have built our team with people who deeply care about our participants. They are ready to go above and beyond to provide them with everything that they deserve.

  • Complete Flexibility

    Client’s comfort is our priority and we offer services at a time that is convenient to them. We are only a phone call away and will reach the venue to help them with anything they need.

  • Affordable Support Services

    Our support services are designed to provide people with disabilities with the best value for money. Through our customisable plans, they can be assured to pay only for the things that they feel are necessary. We work hard to make sure that all our participants are fully satisfied with the assistance they have enrolled for.

Scroll through our website to know all about us and the services that we offer. You can call us on 03 9835 1923 or email us at samoei@joshcare.com  to talk to our experts about NDIS plans, funding, and disability housing in Melbourne and Lynbrook. We are NDIS registered disability support service provider in Melbourne including Doncaster, Balwyn and Mount Waverley.

Looking for Short-term Accomodation including respite?

Our Values


Each person chooses for themselves. Everyone has the right to decide what happens in their lives. We assist with information, support and opportunities for people to direct their own lives and the supports they desire.

We welcome and respect that people are individuals and have their own cultural background. This means people we support, families, people who work there, volunteers and everyone in the community.

Each person should be involved with, and part of, the community, and have the right to choose how they wish to be involved. We support people to be and feel part of the community and contribute in their own way.
We ensure everyone has the skills they need; individuals, families, our team, volunteers, people in the community and our sector. We give everyone the chance to learn and exceed expectations; innovative supports that empower individuals to have a fulfilling life.
Our Values

Helping you apply for an NDIS Plan

If you don’t have your NDIS plan yet, we can help you apply and get ready for your planning meeting.

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Service providers will have to go through an expensive and tedious documentation process as well as strict background verification to get registered under NDIS. They are bound by laws and their services should meet the standards set by the quality commission. When you choose a registered provider, you will surely get highly trained support workers and the best quality assistance.

People with disabilities who are over 65 years of age also have services available to help them with insurance claims, housing, transportation, elder rights, and much more.

Contact us to get all the information about NDIS funding and the best way to make the most of the funding that you receive. If you do not have an NDIS plan or are waiting to get approval, we will help you with services that can be paid for privately.

When you book a free consultation with us, one of our experts will assess your disability and collaborate with you to come up with a personalised plan with a range of services that you will need.